how to stream video from webcam I involuntarily compared the second with Kirov.
Both work in the police, but the difference, as they say, on the face.
Kirov was smart and neat, such as he, often photographed for the press – a role model.
The same.

judging by the epaulettes sergeant, was loose and somehow slippery.
His eyes now and then ran from side to side, thick fingers scratching a round belly under his uniform shirt.
The form, by the way, had the appearance of a filthy and not ironed for a long time.
“Well, let’s figure it out,” the guy, who was introduced to me as Cyril, began cheerfully.
I remembered that Marina mentioned him, and that he got along well with Oleg.
Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are.
Cyril was a neighbor, a very close friend of the family, I didn’t quite catch it.
I understood only that he brought his friend the policeman in order to “talk” with me.
And they are well prepared.
Now there are three men against one me, one policeman.
Yes, they waited for me right here.

“Show me the documents,” the parody grunted at the policeman.
No, I understand everything, but they, that hold me for an idiot? Marina threw herself on my defense, but I made a soothing gesture.
I do not think they dare to beat my face.
Not in the apartment, at least.
Therefore, I decided to act as rationally, politely, logically and decisively.
“With pleasure,” I am comfortable in the chair.
“But first, show YOUR documents and introduce yourself.”
The sergeant bulged his eyes in surprise, apparently thinking that it was only on the look of his form that I should raise my paws to the top and obediently dance to the pipe.
– You do not see the form? – He was amazed, confirming my thoughts.
“Indeed,” Kirill supported him.
– Stop playing up.
The representative of the authorities ordered you to show the documents.
Embarrassedly, he diverted his eyes, he did not like this “policeman” either. how to stream video from webcam
but not as much as I didn’t like.
Marina and Maria Nikolaevna listened with interest to the conversation.

“He will order elsewhere,” I say coldly.
– And I have not yet seen the representative of the authorities.
So, will you show me your job certificate or not? “You probably didn’t understand,” this pig in her uniform grumbled threateningly.
His hair stuck together with sweat, his armpits rapidly darkened.
– I will consider it a refusal, – I nod indifferently, ignoring the menacing look of the interlocutor.
Kirill this, by the way, also tense.
Together they just break me.
But Marina looks with such unshakable faith that.
nowhere to retreat.
Therefore, I take out a mobile phone and pretend, then dial the number: – Hello.
The duty part? I am threatened by a man impersonating a police officer! I fear for my life! Come as soon as possible! Dictate the address.
– Do not! – Stop! Cyril and a false police officer simultaneously twitched, but froze when I showed an inactive phone with a smile.
– Why not? – I am surprised.
– To impersonate a police officer is a crime.

To threaten with this is a crime.
And it seemed to me that you yourself insisted on engaging the police.
So why not? With a fat man in a hail of sweat, he blinked helplessly and looked at Kirill nervously.
Yeah, it’s clear who is the generator of ideas.
We need to take a closer look at it.
– Cyril, what’s the matter? – asks Sergei Mikhailovich, who was not aware of this deception.
– You said that your friend is a law enforcement officer.
“You misunderstood me,” the guy said.
– He plays an employee.
Lesha plays a policeman in the theater.
He is an actor, a great talent, by the way.
– In which theater? – I ask with great doubt, I can’t believe that this sweaty carcass can play on stage.
“Different,” Cyril quickly replies.
– But now it does not matter.
We never saw your documents.
Who are you? If now you do not apologize to Marinochka and do not explain everything, then.
He stood up significantly and strained his muscles.
Sways, probably.
Like a boar.
– I am not going to show my documents, – I try to keep with dignity.
– Certainly not you.

Apologize or not – I decide for myself.
– So for good you do not want, – Cyril smiled evil moving at me.
– Oh well.
Lesha, help me.
Now this stupid pull out on the street and.
– Not! – Marina jumped up.
“Why did you all pounce on him !?” Igor did nothing wrong! “He just blew your head off,” Kirill dismissed.
– Sergey Mikhailovich, you will see it, so as not to interfere.
– Ah well! – Marina choked with indignation.
“That’s why I didn’t want to come back!” You decide everything for me! Don’t even listen! Yes, you all went! Igo-oh-ry !!! Towards the end of the tirade, a girl with a roar rushed to my chest.
how to stream video from webcam