ip webcam full Mother felt like a member of her son rested on the cervix.
“Oh Ma! I feel your womb !!!” breathing heavily, Anad whispered, speeding up the pace.
“Oh my God! Oh my God! Son! This is mother’s queen where you came from! I’m so happy Anad! Don’t stop, please! Go on !!! I’m so excited !!!” Anad grabbed her beautiful breasts in his palm and planted his dick in the womb of his mother as much as he could.
He felt his mother’s orgasm approaching even before he heard her piercing cry.

Her cunt tightly squeezed his trunk.
His balls trembled when he felt ready to cum.
“Ahhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh, Anad! Baby! Now !!! Oh God, now !!!” screamed the mother, feeling her son’s cum burst from his cock, filling her pussy with hot, sticky seed.
Their bodies clung to each other in ecstasy.
Their juices mixed, filling her pussy and irrigating his cock like a hot shower.
Anad continued to cuddle up to his mother until her body went limp under him.

Her cunt was still squeezing his cock, sucking every drop of sperm out of him.
“It was amazing, ma!” he whispered, “How about you?” His mother clung to him, gently holding her limp dick.
The member has not lost its size yet, it was sticky from the juices covering it.
“Ohhh! Sonny !!!” whispered mother “Dear, it was fantastic! Like in paradise! I was better than your wife?” she asked playfully.
“Yes mommy, you were a thousand times better than she.
If we had done this before, I would never have married, Ma.
“” Yes, son, we both made a mistake.
If only we were bolder, our pleasure would come sooner.
With your father’s constant absences, we would be alone at home so often.
“Anad looked into her eyes and said.
“Ma, I would like you to be my wife.
“Mother listened with bated breath. webcam cute girl porn
These words were so desirable for her.
To be the wife of her own, dear son! Hugging her son tightly, kissing him on the lips she said.
“Son, my dear!

I would be happy to be yours.
I love you so much.
“” Then divorce your fathers, and I will divorce my wife and then we will be able to marry, ma.
“Mother got excited to learn that her son wanted not only to fuck her, but also to marry her.
But as an adult woman, she understood that this was impossible.
Gently looking at her son, she said, “Oh, son! My dear! I want you, I want to marry you.”
But I know that we cannot officially live like a husband and wife.
Yes, and a divorce will be problematic.
Especially now when your wife is about to give birth.
“Anad felt unhappy.
He asked “But I can not live without you, ma!” “I can’t live without you either, dear.
But we have to find a way out.
Let’s leave it at that.
For all I will be your mother.
But at home I will be your wife.
When your father goes on a business trip, we can find a lot of opportunities to have sex.
We can also use your grandmother’s house for this.
“Having decided so the mother and son indulged in an insane love orgy.

The son saw that the mother really enjoyed their sex and he was happy to fuck her as much as she wanted.
Like they did, Anad found a job in the city and lived in his parents’ house.
When his wife gave birth and returned to their home, the mother and son often visited his grandmother.
And she could fuck in the upper room, which the grandmother gave them.
After six months of intensified sex, one day the mother discovered a monthly delay.
She understood that she was pregnant.
She shared this news with her son-husband.
After 9 months, she gave birth to a beautiful girl, a sister-daughter for her son-husband.
Here came the long-awaited summer! Annie grew up in every sense of the word – her body was becoming more and more feminine forms every day.
Where necessary – rounded, more bulging out.
The chest was already full 2nd size, strong, nipples stuck forward, sticking out from under the beacons and beckoning, staring at this miracle of nature, men.

Sexually, Anyuta also had more than wonderful things.
Now she spent the night with her mother in the same room.
They even bought a new hefty bed on the floor of the room.
In a close circle, they called her so – – – trakhodrom.
Seryozha with Alexey often visited them, satisfying their insatiable pussies.
Especially Anya was excited when her mother was squirted from both sides, and Anya relished her nipples nadrachivaya her pussy while waiting for her turn.
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