office online webcam model but Tim didn’t clap.
First, he recognized her: this smile and black Indian eyes could not be confused with anything.
Secondly, the whole of it suddenly slammed into his gut like a knife, and Tim was ready to whine from a coma that squeezed his throat with a noose of delight and longing.
Jenny sang song by song, smiling in the room with her shy smile.

and with Tim something incredible was happening.
Each song seemed to him the revelation of King David, every smile beat into a nervous lump, itchy in the throat, every look pierced the heart.
Tim did not understand what was happening to him.
He did not have the strength to even mock himself; “I fell in love with a star like a boy,” he thought, “I cannot live without her smile, without her black hair and her songs.
What is it with me? Yes, she is beautiful, I admit it; these girls will meet, though not everywhere, but still.
No, no and NO! there are no more of them, she is alone, one and only, she is amazing, she is a miracle She is.
It seemed to him that she sings only for him.

She really sang with such force that she seemed to be a beam thrust into someone’s soul, and Tim, if he could see someone other than her, would notice tears on many faces; but he did not see anyone and thought about how amazing she was and what a fool he was. office online webcam model
“I will remain for her ignorant of the crowd, who poured it with lamb rubbish,” Tim thought.
In the background the remnants of the mind fluttered: “Who am I – and who is She? It’s pointless, ridiculous.
And how to live now? Ride her, wait for her performances, as the meaning of life? Damn, damn, damn, damn.
A two-hour concert flashed like a flash.
On the sides of the stage already crowded fans with bouquets.
“Why didn’t I buy flowers? After all, I could come to her.
Could maybe even touch Her.
Idiot! ”Suddenly he was thrown up, and he, without ceasing desperately scolding himself, was dragged along behind his legs, which, in spite of his will, dragged him to the stage – without flowers and without any reason at least.
I will tell her that she is.

No, I will not say anything – just go and take a closer look.
Maybe her chest is visible from there.
Her tender little breasts.
I hide behind the backs of the damned florists, she won’t even see.
Well well! how old are you, boy? ”he mocked himself as he climbed onto the stage.
His body itself sloped behind other people’s backs and bouquets, avoiding open space.
“God !.
she can understand that I am in her.
This thought suddenly terrified Tim so much that he did not even have time to take a good look at the object of his passion, but ran for someone.
tailgate, trying to merge with him, with the wall and with the air.
Back just came out to congratulate Jenny.
They were six feet apart.
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