sex in the hidden camera Tete tell! – the girl mockingly threatened me, – She told you not to hide behind.
Such shy, – said Christina, – Just think, stripped naked.
Even my five-year-old Mike is embarrassed, ”Melissa grinned.“ Recently I tried to redeem him when I was visiting a friend, this is how I arranged it.
And you want such a big calm lay naked.

Eight years – do you think this is big? – Bianca giggled Correctly, – Christine supported her cousin, – Up to ten years old, the child should not be shy: neither bathing, nor enema, nor medical examinations.
Can he also go to the toilet under the supervision of adults? – Melissa slyly squinted.
Not to the toilet, but to the pot, ”Bianca straightened with laughter,“ Of course, in plain sight. ”
“I don’t know about the pot, but after the big things, the ass has to wipe the mums for them,” Christina grinned. “No one can wipe properly.
How do you know? – smiled Becky.
“We have seen enough dirty priests in the hospital,” said Christina.

I tried to hide myself again, but Bianca shook a finger at me.
“And Jenny will really tell,” I thought in fright, jerking my hands away, “And that skilled worker will invent sophisticated punishments.”
Everything is ready, ”my aunt announced, returning to the room a couple of minutes later.“ Let’s go to the bathroom. ”
Jenny helped me off the table and took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom.
To my displeasure, all the guests really followed us.
What a big bath, ”Becky said when we went into the bathroom.
The bath really was just huge.
Sitting in it, I felt like a three-year-old baby – especially after Jenny poured into the water the contents of the box with floating toys: fish, ducks and boats of different colors and sizes. came 4 porn
Wow, how many bath toys does he have? ”Bianca smiled.
Today in the children’s store I bought, – said my aunt.
With a grudge, I glanced at the rubber ducks swimming around me with fish.
At home I had very different bath toys: heaped radio-controlled boats and even a submarine.

What is sitting so unhappy? – Jenny appealed to me mockingly, – Did you buy the wrong toys? These are toys for babies, ”I said offended.
It is not true, – Bianca smiled, sitting on the edge of the bath, – All the kids play like this.
Look, what a beautiful dolphin.
Do you know how dolphins swim? So, by jumping.
Dived under the water and emerged.
Having become enthusiastically watching the dolphin, I for a moment forgot about my grievances.
“Sometimes being a baby is not so bad,” I thought with a smile, but the same thought drove away this monstrous thought and frowned again.
“Is it really slowly turning into nursery,” I sighed wistfully to myself, “Well, how can I like that at eight, they treat me like a two-year-old?”
I completely forgot that I go to school.
And at home I have been washing myself for a long time without my mother. ”
And dolphins know how to walk on the tail, ”Bianca continued,“ Don’t you believe me? There are special trained dolphins that do it.

They even know how to play basketball.
I looked at Bianca in surprise.
They honestly know how, ”she said,“ I am not deceiving you. ”
I saw on TV a special show where the dolphin threw balls into the basketball basket.
Like this.
Bianca put the dolphin’s nose under the rubber ball and threw it up.
Like an enchanted one, I continued to watch the toy – so I was fascinated by the beautiful girl and her gentle voice.
How well you play with him – Christine smiled.
Suddenly, I farted loudly, blowing large bubbles.
Shame on you! – smiled Jenny.
Decided to play underwater bubbles? – Christine asked me with a laugh.
My Andy also loves doing this, ”Becky said.
And at my age of five there are no manners, ”Melissa grinned,“ Specially farts into the water. ”
Well, get up, – turned to me Jenny, – I will wash you.
Reluctantly, I rose to my feet and remembered that I was standing naked, shyly covered myself with my palms between my legs.
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