spy cam nude girl Igor caught this look, laughed and said: You, I look, you want something more, right? What are you speaking about.
Come on.
– With these words, he roughly, grabbed Tanya by the arm, raised her to her feet, tightly pressed herself to him and ran his hand into her panties.
All this took no more than a second, so Tanya did not even understand anything.

Igor pressed his face to her chest, his right hand pulling her swollen and wet sponges.
– Here, I see.
He broke away from Tanya, again leaving her without the desired.
Come to me tonight.
– He scribbled a couple of lines on a piece of paper and handed it to Tanya.
“Tonight and see if you suit us.”
– He finished the official tone.
– And yes, by the way, clean yourself up.
Tanya got dressed in silence and left her office, comprehending everything said and what happened.
She sucked him for getting a job, and he clearly wants something more.
And I am ashamed to admit that Tanya also wanted something more than to give him a blowjob.
With a shudder, she remembered how her big, hard cock moved in her mouth, as she caressed the head with her tongue.
from these thoughts in the lower abdomen again nicely ached.
Tanya adjusted her hairstyle, clothes and, proudly raising her nose, went out into the street.

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In the meantime, the day had already begun, the sun had risen and became much warmer.
Tanya once again looked at the address of the apartment, which he had promised to rent for her, and went there, in the hope that here too she would smile lucky.
For the last money she got on the bus and reached the destination.
This area was not very far from the house of Igor Mikhailovich.
Tanya found Vitya when he left the entrance.
He smiled and walked over to Tanya.
Well, how? It seems to be all right, Tanya answered evasively.
“He asked me to meet him at the restaurant tonight.”
Discuss something.
Oh, I see.
So, I rented this apartment to you and made it three months in advance.
No, that you.
Come on, you will give it from your pension.
Well, see you.
A good person, Tanya thought about him, going up to the third floor, to her new apartment.
Inside, of course, there were no mansions, but the apartment was quite decent.
The apartment had three rooms, new light wallpaper on the walls, new linoleum on the floor, and the kitchen was in good order.
Tanya looked into the refrigerator, he was full of all sorts of goodies.
On the nightstand with the phone, Tanya found several bills with a five hundred dignity.
She smiled to herself and threw her bags on the floor.

Igor said to come to him at eight in the evening, so she has a few more hours.
During this time, you can do a lot of things, but as it turned out, having done everything in advance, she was still a little late.
The first thing she did was to make a bed, put things in the closets and, being satisfied, lay down for a while.
She woke up at about four o’clock.
The first thing she took a shower, thoroughly lathering all sorts of gels and soaps.
Then she proceeded to the most important thing – she shaved herself downstairs.
She didn’t have a thicket there, her hair pretty well settled on the pubic hair, but it seems that Igor doesn’t like it.
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