tube webcam hd She hugged me back and when I went to the bed, she agreed to the edge and sat down.
Again I licked her pussy.
She liked it as much as before, and then she sucked me cool.
We fell asleep in a hug.

I woke up a couple of hours later, lying next to a naked mother.
I wanted to explore her body and this was my first chance.
I stretched out my hand and began to easily stroke her breasts.
Soon her nipples became big.
I knew that Betty loved when her nipples sucked, so I turned around and began to suck the nearest nipple.
While I was sucking, my fingers examined the hair on her pubic hair.
My mother’s crotch soon became very wet, I put my fingers on the sides of her clitoris and began a rotational movement.
Mother moved the pelvis forward and sighed when I moved to another nipple.
I realized then that I would fuck my own mother for the first time.
I got up and climbed between her legs, which were now wide apart.

Mom was all wet and my dick slipped inside easily.
– Oh God, how I missed this.
“I want it to last a long time,” whispered the mother.
We fucked for at least half an hour.
She rolled up and hung her breasts in my face so that I could kiss and suck her nipples.
She liked it very much.
Then she let me climb up and we rubbed our pubis.
It was unforgettable.
Finally, she said that she wanted me to cum with her and really started podmahivat backwards.
I was afraid that the dick would jump out, but she knew exactly when to stop.
– Come on! I finish! – screamed mother.
At that moment I lost my sense of reality. gay webcam online
My orgasm was stronger than I ever experienced with Betty.
Soon we collapsed into each other’s arms and fell asleep.
The next morning we had a shower together and had breakfast.
Mother explained that most people would consider our relationship wrong and that this should be our secret.
I said that I understand and that I love her too much to risk our relationship.

Since then we have been sleeping together and I could not have been happier.
I hope our special union will never change.
The first woman in my life was my own mother.
I was then 14 years old, my mother was about 40.
I am the second and late child in the family.
In that year, when this all happened, the parents decided to separate.
Father with might and main cheated mothers and did not even hide it.
On weekends, he just left home and was returning in the morning from someone else’s “aunt”. Mike and chloe webcam. Mom was very worried and nervous.
Parents often quarreled.
But my father could not be stopped.
And once, during a quarrel, a mom shouted to him, too, I have the right to treason!
What happened then I remember to the smallest detail, I remember every little thing, every phrase.
It was such a strong shock that it was remembered as if everything happened yesterday.
In general, once I came back from school early.
And immediately I heard my mother’s moans from my parents’ bedroom.

He quietly went to the door (in general, I understood what my mother was doing there, t.
I already had the most basic knowledge of sex, mostly from friends from the yard) I thought my parents were reconciled and decided to just watch a little.
On the parent’s bed on my mother lay a friend, father Uncle Kostya! He was completely naked, as was my mother (I called her Ma all my life). webcam hefner girl now What Uncle Kostya did did not leave any doubt – he fucked (then it was called “fakal” in boy slang) my ma.
And it looks like mom loved it.
She hugged someone else’s uncle, called him “dear”, asked “deeper, stronger!” I was completely shocked! The sight of naked Ma (I could clearly see her bare wide ass, bare legs, which she lifted up high and put them on the shoulders of this man) caused me an instant and natural reaction – an erection.
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