webcam big white Evan entered the camera.
– Get up, your name is.
Kevin swore to himself and struggled to his feet.
This time it was almost deserted in the hall – Goran, Alina, Albert and a couple of guests sat on soft high pillows.

The girl’s gaze glanced uneasily at the man who had entered, but after a moment nothing could be read in him except for indifference and boredom.
Evan hit Kevin on the legs, forcing him to kneel.
He choked with humiliation, but complied.
– Crawl here! – ordered Alina.
Kevin looked inquiringly at Master.
He did not expect such a turnover.
It’s one thing to endure the pain.
It is quite another to be humiliated.
Goran understood the dumb question.
– Do it! Kevin sank down on his stomach and crawled over to the sitting girl.
The marble floor was as smooth as glass, but touching it was enough to aggravate the abrasions on the chest and abdomen.
He crawled up at Alina’s feet and froze in indecision.
She stretched one leg forward and touched his mouth.
– Lick it! Kevin tried to catch her eye, but got his foot in the face.

He began to kiss the smooth skin of the boot, closing his eyes, to at least somehow turn away from reality. skype sex cam girls
Soon Alina ordered to remove her boots and lick her legs.
Kevin hurried to perform – neat fingers were more attractive object than shoes.
He even calmed down a little, almost with pleasure kissing the legs of his beloved.
– And now here, live! – Kevin was horrified to hear this disgusting voice.
Albert pointed to his shoes.
Do the same! Kevin looked at Goran with a plea, asking for protection, but he seemed not to notice him at all, arguing enthusiastically with his interlocutor.
The fat man noticed the confusion of his victim and got up from the pillow, grabbing the whip lying next to him.
– You did not hear what I said? – I heard.
– So follow, idiot! – Albert swung the lash.
Kevin closed his eyes in pain, but he did not move.
He couldn’t bring himself to lick the bastard’s legs, not this one.
The executioner wielded the whip until it was out of breath.
It seems that only now Teacher noticed that the fat man had a problem.
– What is the matter, Albert?

You do not want to obey? He is still a novice, so sometimes he shows an arrogance.
He will be punished.
This time, Goran himself took him to the place of execution.
For a long time they descended the stairs until they heard the sound of the surf.
They went to a small platform.
On the one hand it approached closely to the fortress wall, and on the other it was washed by the surf.
Waves swept almost to the middle of the space where the men stopped.
Kevin silently waited, looking at the dark green waves, nervously beating on the stonework.
Goran led him to the wall and handcuffed him into the wall.
– Stay here until the morning, think about your behavior.
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