webcam in html Her anus expanded, a brown sausage appeared from it.
– Open your eyes.
See how I shit on you.
Do not try to turn away.

Poop, from her beautiful ass, fell on my face.
A minute passed and I was lying with a bunch of shit on my face.
Happy because what my tormentor does to me.
Using me to meet my sexual needs.
– Good toilet.
Get used to it.
In the future, you have to have it.
– Get everything here and tidy yourself up.
I will arrive tomorrow.
You should be ready for my arrival.
Entertainment Mistress Each time, the torture became more sophisticated.
We have crossed the line of human relations.
She became my owner, and I, her slave, soul and body.
My apartment has become the home of torture.
She managed the money I earned.
All my possessions have been rewritten to her.
In her presence, I move exclusively on my knees.
If the Lady wants to use the toilet, my mouth should always be ready.
The anal orifice should be abundantly greased.
A collar with a leash is a required attribute of my clothes.

When my lady is watching TV, I usually stay under her ass, licking her anus.
During the meal, my body is used instead of a stool.
Mouth instead of toilet, and the tongue replaces toilet paper.
I sleep in her legs, warming them with my breath.
Mrs. wants to sit at the computer.
I instantly lay my head on the seat of the chair.
She sits on my face, sometimes throwing her legs on the table to press me harder.
Often, after sitting like that, Jean orders me to open my mouth, and isparazhatsya into it.
After which makes her lick ass.
Taking a shower, she usually stands on me, and I lie on the bottom of the bathroom. teen hidden cam xxx
Sometimes, overlapping the drain, she waits until I find myself under water.
Putting a graceful leg on my face.
Not letting me come up.
When my mistress fucks me.
She often puts a polyethylene bag on my head or hangs her neck by the horizontal bar.
More than once, bound hand and foot, lying under her divine ass, I lost consciousness.
It is very exciting, control over my breath, in any manifestation of it.

Every morning I lick all of her shoes, and there are a few 30 pairs of them.
Walking on my heels is a must-have daily procedure.
Most of all, it comes to me when the Mistress is in a drunken state.
Once, hanging me to the bar.
She had a day, with short breaks to rest, beat and raped me.
In the end, I broke two ribs and left countless bruises and bruises on my body.
Last day I am waiting for the hostess on my knees, naked, with a collar around his neck.
For an hour, I was warned about his arrival.
Agonizing waiting comes to an end, I hear the turn of the key.
Mrs. closes the door behind her, removes outerwear.
Under the clothes she is naked.
Only white stockings, stretching her long, sexy legs.
Looking at her, I understand that I, her slave for life.
A more beautiful creature, for me, not all over the world.
But, only I know that behind this guise lies the devilish essence.
Sadist who gets pleasure, torturing and humiliating.
I got into her network, becoming her thing.

A tool to satisfy lust and perverted desires.
– Slave.
How much money did you make for me? I am responsible $ 200 for getting a kick in the stomach.
A few blows on my torso with my boots and I can’t sit upright in pain.
Taking in her hand a leash attached to the collar, the hostess sharply pulls him down.
I follow him by inertia and find myself lying on the floor.
It does not take a second how it turns out to be standing on me.
One leg stands on my neck, and the other on my stomach.
Pain pierces my body, sharp heels stick in like greedy predators trying to gnaw at me.
Letting me get used to the pain, Mrs. orders me to look into her eyes.
She is excited by the sight of a slave humiliated by her.
Every time she presses her foot on me, a sweet languor runs across her face.
Stronger and stronger my mistress pushes me into the floor.
The left leg is on my chest.
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