tube webcam teen While she was washing her face, the grandfather and uncle Stepan woke up.
Judging by their indiscriminate rumbling, their condition was not the best, but nevertheless they quickly rose, dressed, and went to the kitchen to “heal wounds” with strong tea.
While they were there, my mother came out of the bath and began to hurry to get ready for work.
She wanted to jump out of the apartment unnoticed, but Uncle Stepan intercepted her in the corridor: – Where are you, the queen, not saying goodbye? – Do not! Let go, stop it! I feel uneasy after yesterday.

– Is the Queen ashamed for the night of love given to us? But is it not a shame to drink tea with her? “No, I’ll drink at work,” my mom fought back.
– Tamar, go drink some tea! You will feel like a man! – I heard the voice of my grandfather from the kitchen.
Mom silently followed his call.
It was heard as she drank tea in nervous gulps in complete silence, then there was some movement in the kitchen.
– Stepan, stop it! – suddenly mum started talking, – you understand that it is difficult for me to go through what happened! “C’mon, Queen,” came the insinuating voice of his grandfather’s friend, “yesterday you asked me not to stop, but now it’s hard to survive.”
– Oh my God! – exclaimed my mom and her exclamation was interrupted by the sound of a kiss.

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Then the concentrated old man’s chug and sigh of my mother, the rustle of flying clothes and the clatter of dishes on the table could be clearly heard.
– Come to me, my sweet! – Uncle Stepan purred.
– Do not.
wake up.
– my mother mumbled intermittently.
“After yesterday’s walk, he slept like a woodchuck until ten o’clock,” the grandfather reassured her, “so you can completely undress.”
– Oh, what I’m doing! – mom frantically moaned.
There was a crackle of torn cloth and slaps on the naked body.
– Oh well, how to fight young! – Uncle Stepan growled – see how it is dragged! It can be seen your son does not touch her.
– Well, still! Do not stop, please! – screamed my mom in response to his words.
– Everything, I can not more.
– the grandfather’s friend begged, – I let it down already.
Let it be you! “Yes, no, I had enough of yesterday,” the grandfather replied.
– Ivan Semenovich, take me! – suddenly my mother screamed with some kind of voice that was not hers – give me what I’m missing with your son! – Well, you and a whore, Tamarka! – the grandfather replied, – spread your thighs wider! Kohl son can not cope, I will help.
There was a tense sniff of my grandfather, smoothly turning into a howl, published by my mother.
– Tap dance, shut her mouth with a towel, otherwise she will wake the whole house like that! – ordered grandfather, not slowing down.

I was in shock: my modest mother was completely finished on the kitchen table under her grandfather! To be continued.
The view of Nadezhda Mihailovna’s luxurious pussy was impressive.
Thick thickets of hair covering the whole body were noticeable.
In the midst of this thick, a gaping genital gap was visible.
Thick labia, lounging from excitement to the sides, formed it, and between them emerged the impressive folds of the labia minora and the clitoris.
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