leksa bongacams for fucking Danny, and they all taped the surveillance video.
I woke up with difficulty.
what I remembered.
it seemed to me somehow distant and unreal.

I am a modest girl who suffered almost not divided by the love of Denis.
loving him with all my soul and body.
The guides did not let me contemplate on them for long.
They began to say something to me in German.
but remembering that I did not understand him, they began to contact me in English already.
One of them said, “Frau, we really liked you, you still have to travel almost three hours to Berlin and we want to pass the time with you.”
I said that I was damn tired and that they were walking in the woods, that I could give them already and now I have no strength at all.
I turned away from them and began to look out the window.
then one of them told me that they had still erased the tape on which Danny and I violated order and the law, and if I did not change my anger for mercy, then they would take the course of this tape.

The thoughts of “Deutsche Schwein” —that is, German pigs — flashed through my mind.
Danny seemed not to pay attention to what was going on.
He calmly sat in a chair opposite and read some kind of financial journal.
The guides realized that my companion was indifferent, so they began to speak louder and more impudent with me.
I realized that they did not intend to joke.
and said “okay.
but I have no strength.
do what you want.
“They did not hesitate. webcam from china
One of them said that he had been unable to work normally for half a day, constantly thinking about my wet hot cave.
One conductor told me to get up and take off all my clothes.
I did it.
they put me in one of the chairs.
just about opposite Danny.
They spread my legs wide, lifted them and put them on the arms of the chair.
so my legs were raised high compared to my ass.
my pussy was already moaning from what was done to her in the last days.
and physically, I certainly did not want anything.

Both guides unzipped their pants and lowered a little.
I again saw their big fat limbs.
although I did not want anything.
but at the sight of two huge trunks.
I pulled the bottom of the tummy and my pussy began to get wet.
One of the conductors took out a mobile phone and said.
I want to take pictures of how this young Russian frau will suck with you and then please our members with her hot pussy.
I told them to go far away.
but the guides turned on the camera on the mobile phone gave it to Danny in his hands so that he would shoot, and they themselves began to shove their trunks into my mouth.
I was still sleepy and lethargic and therefore not very sucked.
one conductor came very close to me.
He took my head in his hands and began to stick my mouth on his penis.
the second took a mobile phone from Danny and kept it next to me.
with my head.
and spoke.
“Come on.
try hard
“a member of the conductor, fucking me in the mouth became larger.

after some time they changed.
Now the second one began to peck me in the mouth.
and the second was laughing.
shot on mobile and commented.
“Suck your head.
lick cock
caress the testicles.
they could see soon tired of fucking me in the mouth and therefore one of them abruptly entered my widely spread legs.
the second placed a mobile very close to my open cave and a member of his friend.
who was stringing me.
he said it would be a great video.
The first conductor who took me to the cave was clearly overexcited and therefore he didn’t bother me for a long time, soon his body began to tremble and he began to drive his member more quickly into me.
a minute later he took out his dicked cock.
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