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A moan escapes from me in sync with your, um.
You are so hot! Bite me on the bottom lip.
Yes, I move my finger a little faster, as well, I spend it from klitorochka to the hole.

You squeeze the legs tightly, and I penetrate you.
I caress her gently, painfully slowly from the inside, I feel how excited she is.
The finger gently slips into you.
I iron your walls by adding a second finger.
Oh yeah! Penetrating them with persistence, I spend my free hand across my chest, sliding down to your pussy.
I move my fingers with you with one hand and gently massage your clitoris with the other.
Stroking lips, kissing your sweet neck, tender shoulders.
Caressing you, kissing the lips, grabbing your tongue, passionately sucking it.
Yes! With a pen more persistently I massage your clit, you moan loudly, squeeze your legs tightly and I feel a wave of orgasm roll over your body.
Pussy compressed on my fingers, a pleasant wave of bliss, rolls through the body, then another one and more.

You stand still, your body is terribly relaxed, and the warm water still caresses your body.
My lips gently kiss you.
It is difficult to say what pushes the mind to dive into a temporary pool for several years or even decades ago.
Oleg was sitting in the kitchen, listening to the local wave, when the DJ announced and put on this song.
He started, went out onto the balcony, took out a cigarette, struck a match a couple of times and, after lighting a cigarette, inhaled deeply.
Or a talisman.
After any disagreement, it was enough to put the “Ticket to the Moon” in the cassette, Isolde stopped sulking, and Oleg could hope that after a couple of minutes you could forget about the quarrel.
Then he went to the army – she did not wait.
Banal story – she began to meet with others.
“For God’s sake,” Oleg spat, but he never stopped loving.
They met once or twice a year, when Isolde came on vacation. amateur teen anal webcam
By that time she lived in Moscow, somewhere else, but sometimes she remained for a long time in Belgorod.

Strange relationship.
Izolda apparently wanted to shake things up, remember the former, the first girlish fantasies, and Oleg did not have, as he himself thought, the feeling that he could be the first, but he didn’t become like that, therefore from time to time he argued to himself rather than that she lost a lot.
Silly, probably, but nonetheless, once a year, their paths crossed on the vast expanses of the Universe at its microscopic point called Belgorod.
They went either to the restaurant, and then rented a hotel room, or hung out at Oleg’s house, sometimes Isolde accepted.
After all, neither Oleg nor Isolde felt empty after a date, but they never met the next day after a night of love, nor in any other for a whole year, they did not even call each other.
These are idiotic relationships.
But at least they are not tired of each other.
Their meetings were always the first time, and when they were exhausted, they fell asleep in bed, woke up, and again loved each other to madness, knowing full well that their relationship had no future.

Oleg, at least, thought it was good that it was going that way.
It is unlikely that they could get along.
The phone began to gurgle in Japanese.
“Isolde,” the master thought for some reason and was not mistaken.
Isolde missed Oleg, for her first true love.
She therefore did not allow them to break the thread of their relationship, in order to be able to plunge into the atmosphere of their 80s, with the first kiss and child insults, the first bold touches.
With Oleg, she first felt what it meant to be close to a man, although then her friend did not cross the line, but, in principle, it did not change anything.
Years passed, they gained experience, but all the same, their meetings blew with something pure and immaculate, despite the fact that at every meeting they seemed to catch up.
Sometimes, even in winter, he forced her to forget about the dank wind on the bench at the “bag”, the cultural and educational school.
The warm wave that swept over her at that moment warmed the Isolde for a long time.

Sometimes she wondered: so maybe, here he is, the hero of her novel? What is the matter? No, they can hardly be together, he can hardly forget her escape, and she is his indecision.
They talked and could not talk a lot.
Isolde shared her sorrows, Oleg told about his life and life.
Friends sat down, drank, told jokes, drank coffee, drank again.
Iseult was driving, so she didn’t drink, she was more silent and looked at her old fan.
It was obvious that Oleg had already gone through, but to limit the personality is not in the rules of his girlfriend, if he remembers.
– In a word, one by one, and that’s all.
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