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This is fun.
– How interesting! I still do not know much about this world.
Alice smiled and leaned forward.

Her hot breath touched my face, the pleasant, barely perceptible smell of perfume roused the embarrassment that had taken hold, and I recoiled.
Alice’s face was so close that I could see each eyelash in detail.
The girl smiled fondly, instilling confidence in me, as if something warm had settled in my soul, expanding and filling me with everything from the inside.
It was an amazing feeling.
Alice threw off her shoes and pulled her legs under herself, after which she began to seem even more defenseless and spontaneous.
We had fun chatting on different topics, drinking milk and devouring buns.
Alice told me about her sexual preferences, about partners, funny stories that happened to her back in school.
Often I did not listen to what she was saying, but closely followed her tone, I liked her gentle voice, facial expression, gestures, head movements.

She was beautiful.
– Hey, Sen, are you listening to me? – Uh, yes, yes.
I could not tear myself away from her crafty eyes with excited sparkles.
– So, that boy, well, my classmate, he loved to love me in the mouth.
He liked it so much that he asked to do it five times a day.
And, when the time came to control blowjobs, he, of course, chose me as his partner.
Well, imagine, with all honest people, it was our turn.
The teachers are tired, I’m tired, this guy was also worried terribly.
I’m getting on, which means I’m on my knees, my mouth is ajar, I’ve held a tongue, smacking, waiting for a present.
And most importantly, I also terribly liked it, I knew the tricks, so as not to immediately get to the finish line and loved to tinker a bit longer, in general, everything was in order, as they say. how to view your webcam
And he came up, the member was already standing with a stake, and I gently, without tension, touched the tongue to the tip and held my penis in my lips a little.

And we really were friends before this incident, without any.
And you know what? – she made a spectacular pause.
– What? – I asked hoarsely.
– He finished right away, right on my face, and moreover so abundantly that the entire commission on the control was swaying, it was so unexpected and scary that we almost burst into tears.
Now it’s ridiculous to remember, and then, it seemed, the whole world was going downhill.
But then we, of course, rewrote a week later, but with other partners.
I still remember goosebumps – how did it happen? On the other hand, it’s fun.
She looked at me thoughtfully.
– What about you, Sen? “Well, it’s very fast with my little daughter,” I honestly admitted.
– Yes, you are in our first meeting almost immediately, although there was nothing.
But I liked it when you rubbed, it was so unusual, exciting.
In her eyes, merry sparks danced again.
– Do you want to try right now? – What? – I asked frightened.
– Well, fantasy to model.

And how do you like the idea? I hesitated, not knowing what to say.
Alice immediately jumped up, grabbed my hand, and literally dragged me to the machine.
Her appearance expressed the full determination to attach me, finally, to the still unexplored good of this world.
We walked over to the phone and Alice showed us where to click.
Then she went into her virtual storage and chose the file.
– Here, this is my dad really like.
Want to try? – Well, let’s.
– Sit down here.
I sat on the couch next to the machine.
Alice continued to cast over the screen.
– Completely relax! – Yes, I relaxed.
– I’m running! The device clicked softly and buzzed.
I stared at him, and the next moment there was no longer a park with couples in love, but a completely different situation.
From the window there was a beautiful view of the wall of the neighboring building.
I was wearing a business suit, my hands were lying loosely on the table, and my back was buried in a soft office chair.

A sudden gentle touch to my most excited organ made me flinch.
I looked under the table.
Pretty young blonde stroked with her small fingers my dick right through the pants.
Her smiling face seemed for a moment because of my leg, and then it disappeared.
The distinctive sound of the unlocking lock followed and it became clear that the aim of the pretty blonde was by no means a search for the fallen handle.
At this time there was a knock at the door.
I did not have time to say anything when the head of the technical department appeared in the doorway – a strict girl with glasses, but with a funny expression on her face.
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