malibu miley sex cam Ivan said that this was not his job, and went to the kitchen.
With the responsibility of taking up the case, I did not notice how my pants descended exposing part of my priests in women’s panties.
Turning around with horror, I saw on the threshold Lena, who was looking at me with interest and a slight smile.
It made me blush, I was ready to fall through the floor.

Having corrected the pants, I lowered my eyes and said: – Just do not tell my husband about this.
– This is why, we really love these boys, she said.
Let’s go to the kitchen that’s enough to clean up here.
I like a shock went through.
In my head only one thing: hit! While I left the bath, Lena was already whispering something to Ivan.
Friends will continue, write your reviews on my opus.
Hello everyone, my name is Nikolai.
Here is my story.
At the time of the action described in the story, all his heroes turned 18 years old.
I was born in Yekaterinburg.
He was brought up in a prosperous, wealthy family.
Always was an active, cheerful and cheerful boy.
Parents loved me and I got used to attention from an early age.
At school I always tried to stand out somehow, draw attention to myself, participated in skits at various events.
In the ninth grade, I started going to the theater club, participated in performances and performances.

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Our team was small, only 8 people called Apollo, only guys played there.
Why? I dont know.
So it was originally conceived, can the personal prejudice of our leader to the female acting ability have affected? But the fact remains: there were no girls.
But women’s roles in scenarios flashed often.
It was then that I began to dress as a woman when it was necessary for the performance.
Before I joined the team, everyone took turns taking female roles, but after I played girls a couple of times, the manager determined that we (this is me and another guy, Sergey) are better than the others, are female roles.
And now we will always play girls.
I can not say that I liked this idea, but the fact that it was difficult to recognize guys in the image in us is true.
We both were slim, with beautiful faces and a bit feminine figures.
At first, they were annoyed with makeup and changing clothes, but eventually got used to it.
Mom, having recognized, supported me, said that in antiquity in theaters all roles were played only by men.
She taught me to wear beauty, to wear heels and skirts, gait, movements, facial expressions and plastic.
My voice was already mild, but with constant workouts I became like a woman (a smoking woman).

In general, to the 11th class, an inexperienced spectator would never have determined that he was a kid, and not a pretty beauty.
With Sergey we made friends, helped each other to change clothes and make up.
We played daughters, mothers, aunts and even grandmothers.
We often began to flash on stage in the image.
Together with Seryoga, they decided to dress women’s trunks under their skirts, but it was stupid if the skirt got up and there were family members under it.
In the women’s underwear I interfered with the penis and testicles, I lifted them up and sideways and deftly pressed the rubber band of the slippers.
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