3 webcam She immediately caught a glimpse of the restroom and shower.
Marina went to the kitchen, where she got into her bags with her head.
Everything was going fine, only it was worth it for a woman to enter the room, as if she had crashed into an invisible wall.
I did not immediately understand what had happened, and then I followed her gaze.

Well, of course! She looked at the bed.
On the only bed in the apartment.
“Igor,” it was obvious how difficult her words were for her.
– I understand that you have already grown to this.
you are tall.
And Marina, apparently, too.
I only ask.
Please be careful.
Be safe and.
“Maria Nikolaevna,” I hurried to calm her down.
– There was nothing like that.
We use the bed for its intended purpose – we sleep.
– Did not have? – the woman did not even believe at first.
I had to solemnly assure her that there was not.
“Thank you for not rushing,” the woman exhaled with great relief.
– Where we are not in a hurry? – Marina poked out of the kitchen, she had already managed to unpack the cakes and actively chewed one of them.

“Do not hurry anywhere,” the woman waved aside and pounced on the girl.
– What are you on the go chew? Put the kettle! Things take away! Nobody will clean up for you here.
If you want me to clean – go home.
– I’ll do everything! – Marina began to fuss.
I resolutely took over the tea.
Rather, coffee.
Marina actively advertised my addiction to this drink and asked to treat her to a guest.
While Maria Nikolaevna and Marina were sorting out things and whispering in the room, I conjured over the Turks.
He made himself a double espresso for cheerfulness, but the women decided to surprise and pamper.
For this, I needed a bottle of milk liquor, which I store, just for making coffee.
Having prepared two espresso cups, I added a teaspoon of liquor to each, and then an even layer of whipped cream. korean cam sex video
Next to each cup I put a cube of sugar, in case the drink seems too bitter.
And finally, to please Marina, with a toothpick, he drew a neat little heart in her cup.
It turned out no worse than in a restaurant.

Marina came to the indescribable delight of my offering and, holding her nose high, looked at Maria Nikolaevna.
She, however, was also pleased.
She immediately tasted and guessed liquor and admitted that the drink turned out to be beyond praise.
– Why do you have another coffee? – Marina noticed the difference.
– I can not liquor – I allowed myself to relax and watch from the side, as Maria Nikolayevna inspects Marinina purchases and new clothes.
“Take your mom home too.”
“Come on, Igor,” “I’ll get on the bus,” the woman waved aside.
I did not argue.
What for? And so it is clear that I will take.
Maria Nikolaevna remained quite quite seen.
I tried to shove money for Marinina’s clothes, but I said that it was a gift from me and my girlfriend.
About Olga, by the way, Marina also told.
Basically, she advertised a new girlfriend and bragged about what cool things she advised her to buy.
“I see,” Maria Nikolaevna took up that damned nurse costume.
“Great advice.”
“It was a joke,” I hasten to reassure a woman, but she perceives everything to be surprisingly easy.

“Okay,” Maria Nikolaevna looked at her watch.
– Igor, go and buy products, now I will write you a list.
Marina get a mop and a broom! – what are the products? – I did not understand.
There was still something to eat in the fridge, so it was frankly lazy to fly to the store.
“I’ll make borscht for you,” said the woman.
– The first must be sure.
The magic spell “soup” made me quickly jump up and rush to dress.
No, I can cook something myself, but.
This is the soup! Everything needed to buy in the store around the corner.
Recalling the conversation with Sergey Mikhailovich, I bought a jar of olives and a package of red fish.
Maria Nikolaevna immediately started cooking, and Marina, sticking her tongue out of her zeal, started cleaning.
I sat on the couch and was blissful.
That would have taught Marina to cook.
– What? – as if reading my thoughts, the girl threw up.
“Nothing, honey, do not be distracted,” I reply tenderly, continuing to watch the flexible figure of my girlfriend while she diligently naps the floor.

The day flew by.
Marina and I, being completely subordinate to Maria Nikolaevna, cleaned the apartment to shine.
The woman herself during this time managed to cook not only borsch, but also macaroni with meat.
At least a week of starvation does not threaten us.
When the time came, I took the woman home.
All the way, she asked me questions, and promised to call.
It was promised to come in in three or four days, already with her husband.
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