bongacams calleete Perhaps tomorrow or even the day after tomorrow he would have drunk a laxative and quietly went to the toilet.
However, something happened to his body, and today he suddenly felt the urge.
At first, he even tried to restrain himself, but the desire grew stronger, and he went to the toilet.
There he sat down – and he realized that desire is not yet realization, that what this desire causes is still very deep in his guts.

Therefore, he had to massage his stomach for quite a long time, to strain and to straighten, gradually pushing his stools lower and lower.
However, the closer to the anus he advanced, the more painful he became inside. skype webcam reviews
And now, when a piece of feces that felt ten centimeters in diameter, was already close to Sasha’s anus — although it had not yet reached it — the pain was already unbearable.
Finally, the feces stepped up to the anus, and Sasha began to push hard, squeezing him out of himself.
It seemed a piece of feces tore it.
The forces ran out, and Sasha relaxed, leaning back on the toilet.
A trickle of sweat, speaking from the strain, glass on the temple.
Sasha decided that he could not endure more of this torture, and it was time to stop this useless exercise – however, when he tried to get up and close the anus, he felt that it was impossible – it seems the huge ball stuck in the anus itself, preventing it from closing.
But this is not all – to his great surprise, Sasha felt his penis begin to strain, as if the attempts were pushing not only the feces along his gut, but also blood into his rising trembling rod. bongacams calleete