hot nude webcam girls A few more girls and guys came up.
Along the way, the exhibition was closed, and the police comrades recorded the participants in a notebook.
The movement began, cars with flashing lights, girls in shorts, the formation of concrete blocks that blocked ordinary fans from the track.
Even more spotlights flashed as if by magic, a huge screen caught fire where shots flickered with the route, the referee’s voice asked the participants to pick up their cars and go to the launch pad.

– Well, here comes the moment when you regret not listening to me! – playing with the keys, Denis said goodbye.
How can I do this – without a clue.
In total there were 7 cars, all stood on the same line of black and white squares.
Nose to nose.
Somehow having reached on heels, I came out to smoke for the last time.
– I see you were not joking.
– Denis nervously swallowed and stared at my divorced legs, between which shone car brand badge.
The nipples rested on the bodice and the heat dissolved in the lower abdomen.

The red light of neon just played along with my mad mood, the aggression burst out.
Announced that before the start of 3 minutes.
I walked over to Denis and poked a finger into his chest: “So, if I win you, you will tell me what it will be tomorrow, than you will fill your life to the brim.”
Another minute.
I rubbed a few drops on my neck and hands, taking off my jacket, straightened the bust, make-up and breathed deeply with the warming scent.
I felt hot, opened the window.
After reviewing the route and the rules, I began to wait impatiently for a start. hot nude webcam girls
The blood burns with fire and it exhausted and at the same time gives strength.
gas to the floor
we raced at breakneck speed across Berlin, nobody wanted to give in.
Five minutes passed and there were already four of us.
German favorites in the radio, sang a song I adored, and with an ardent madness, twisted the steering wheel and pressed the pedals, singing in a magnificent hard language.

The tunnel, the couple got used side by side and squeezed into the wall.
I laughed like a headache, everything is so simple! Some kind of dope in my head, maybe pressure? What am I laughing like crazy ?! Another 10 minutes and we are at the finish line.
Denis is a little ahead of me.
Red ass! God, here I give! Adrenaline lashes in my tired veins, my hands are tense, my legs are already cramping from pain, as I press on the most important pedal.
The eyes are looking only forward.
And here ahead the searchlight of the finish line is burning, the navigator is 600 m, and Denis is moving ahead with every second.
It’s not easy to break me, the coveted button and nitrous gave even more power.
I was pressed into the chair, and the whole image was washed away, except for the bright end point.
My opponent smiled wickedly at me, and I laughed and felt the beauty and beauty of victory !!! A second, two, three.
There is! I gently shed my speed and my numb hands turn to the finish line.

Lips are shaking, and smiles.
I sat for a few minutes – came to my senses.
I went out and a squall of applause, screams, squeals fell on me.
The arbitrator calls my name.
heart will now fly out.
I pay no attention to the applause.
my lips kissed the hood and the headlamp.
Let who wants it and thinks, but for me it is alive.
Cotton from champagne, and the long-awaited wreath of the winner.
Denis arrived, still smiling, kissed my hand and whispered in his ear: – Congratulations and greetings to Sam, I take off my hat to him.
– How do you know him? – my eyes were looking for an answer.
– He is an ordinary mechanic, and this horse of his girl, he gave her on her wedding day.
She is a racer with 10 years of experience, he cherishes this baby more than anything else in the world.
Well, my wife too.
– Well, I will convey! – Here is my address, come tomorrow, have a cup of tea.
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