webcam sexy online The next day dragged on for an unusually long time.
When I was about to go home, a teacher approached me and asked me to go to him.
Of course, I could not go in, but I wanted it to be not for long.
-Not here it was! He decided to deal with the way I interviewed first-year students, and it was evident that he was in no hurry.

We sat talking to him, and I was getting more and more nervous.
Maybe just tell him what I’m doing? At that moment the telephone rang, my boss picked up the phone, talked for a couple of minutes – I felt that the conversation was dragging on, and suddenly, without looking up from the phone, I turned to me.
“Well, in general, you understand, yes?”, Making it clear that I should release the cabinet.
I politely said goodbye, the meteor flew out of the office, and rushed to the exit.
There was only twenty minutes left.
I had to take a taxi.
Lena (so, it turns out, her name was) came at exactly seven, as soon as I had time to change clothes and turn on the kettle.
This time she was wearing a rather long, slightly higher knee, gray skirt, and an elegant dark blue blouse with a rather large neckline in the front.

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She smiled modestly, asking if she could come to me.
I invited her into the room and suggested that she address me to “you.”
Having got Lena in a chair, I offered to first treat her with tea, while I proceeded to the kitchen.
I did not want to rush to the course, I wanted to talk with this girl, and I brewed tea, prepared sandwiches, sweets, cookies.
I put all this on a small table next to the chair where Lena was sitting, and he sat opposite, on the sofa.
– Well, help yourself, do not be shy, make yourself at home.
– Oh, thanks, really uncomfortable – Lena reached for a sandwich, leaning in my direction across the table.
At that moment I was saying something, and it seemed to me that my voice instinctively faltered – I saw the outlines of her pretty neat breasts dangling down her nipples under the neckline of her blouse – obviously Lena did not like to burden herself with a bra.
– No, no, everything is convenient – I tried to keep an even voice.
So what group are you in? We continued to talk over a cup of tea.

I have already managed to find out the musical and cinematic tastes of my interlocutor, and several times to take a quick look at the wonderful picture of Lenkin’s breasts as she leaned over to take something from my side of the table.
I suddenly felt unbearable that it lasted longer, so long as Lenka did not notice how I am peering at her with a peek, but it seemed that she didn’t guess anything, or at least pretended.
Then I invented a little trick.
I turned the conversation to the topic of study, got one freshman student work out of the desk drawer, and began to show some examples of calculations, putting the papers on the table so that it was convenient to look together.
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