couple caught on camera sex He will call Donik and pull him off in full.
The broker promised to return only tomorrow, therefore – he would not go to the construction site today, and from the obligatory tasks he would just run off in the morning to buy oil.
Maternal steps are already heard.
He quickly put his hand in his underpants and pressed the member awakened by dreams to his stomach, with his other hand throwing a sheet so that the mother would not notice.

– Ravshan, son! It’s time to get up! I prepared you a can and money! – Mom was standing at the door, without going into the room of her sons.
– Now, mom! Today, his wings have clearly grown! Even a big, uncomfortable one, and when it comes back, a heavy tin can could not spoil the mood.
Hooray! Usually slow-moving and sleepy as a fly, the saleswoman Maryam-upa opened a stall without delay, and the line was moving, although the boy didn’t care about her today, he already caressed sweet Donik in his thoughts.
– Did she come by car, and also in her pants ?! – the nasty and shrill voice of Rayhon-apa, who stood behind him, burst into his head.
She talked with her girlfriend, again actively condemning someone! How many years he knows this neighbor – she has never been pleased with anything and nothing.
– Full? – The saleswoman asked the guy, inserting a funnel into the can’s throat.

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But then, apparently deciding to take a break, Ravshan asked Raykhon over his head, “Who came?” – Yes, to Umida Gairatovne! – since grandmother Donika learned more than half of the village, she was respectfully called, as it should be in school, by name and patronymic.
– The sister-in-law has arrived to her! She drives a car, in narrow pants arrived, shameless! The heart of a teenager sank in the heels, according to the descriptions is similar to Donik’s mother.
What happened? And Maryam is enthusiastically talking and not in a hurry to pour oil.
As he waited for the end of this torture, he thrust the money into the saleswoman’s hand and jerked the lanes, shortening the distance, to the courtyard of Donikova’s grandmother.
Having jumped out into the street, he fell into a cloud of dust that had settled behind the Zhiguli, trying to see through the dust who was sitting in the car, but in vain! At the gate was a grandmother surrounded by children and grandchildren.
The look they were, to put it mildly, confused.
Ravshan approached Timur and pulled his hand.
– What happened? he asked, worried.
– BUT!!! – Timur waved his hand in annoyance, – This Madame arrived, spoke disgusting things to everyone, took Donik and left.
– How?

Why? – And I know? Grandma is silent, says nothing.
Umida Gairatovna turned hard and went into the yard, managing to limp on both legs.
Behind her stretched children.
On another occasion, Ravshan would have ridiculed the old woman’s chicken walk, but now he had no time for laughter, rather, rather, to tears.
He slowly trudged home, not paying attention to the heavy can.
Donik never came to his grandmother again, they said that Umida’s son went to a young one, to which the wife broke off all relations with her husband’s kin.
Can Ravshan quietly put in the kitchen and went to the garden.
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