webcam capture freeware Falling asleep, I thought: “What was I like a fool before?
After the events described in the previous story, 2 weeks have passed.
Sergey called me to visit his dacha.

We often traveled with him when we were just friends, barbecues, girls filmed, and had sex with them.
So nothing surprising in this invitation, I did not see.
Well, as usual, I got together, made up, in general, I will not bore my readers with details of personal hygiene.
And now, the hour has come.
We got into the car and drove towards the cottage.
Just as we drove onto the track, where there were no traffic jams and no one could notice us, I immediately, without becoming wasted time, began to stroke his cock through jeans.
Soon, I saw that these caresses were not enough for him, and he wanted more.
I unzipped my fly, and his handsome man just jumped out of there to meet me.
I put my head down and touched it with the tip of my tongue.
I teased him, licking only the head, and not letting it completely enter my mouth.
Gently kissed his head until he pressed my hand to the back of my head, making it clear that she wanted more.
It was very sharp, I did not expect it and coughed.
I tried to pull away, but he held my head tightly with his hand.

Tears splashed from my eyes, I pulled away, and, finally, I was able to take a breath of fresh air. hot teen webcam tube
I no longer needed to hint, and I myself went to work, swallowing his penis all the way to the testicles, licking them.
Then she pulled a member out of her mouth, and tapped her lips and tongue.
My own member stood for a long time and I started stroking him through the silk fabric of the panties.
Sergey saw it, and pushed my hand away.
– Believe me, baby, you do not need to caress yourself, today you will get maximum pleasure.
I have a surprise for you again.
I began to guess what a surprise expects me, but my mouth was busy with a member, and I did not answer him.
But removed her hand from its member.
I sped up my head, my cock stiffened, and began to shoot a viscous seed in my mouth.
I left only the head in my mouth to collect the sperm in my mouth, and not to miss the throat right away.
When he finished throbbing, I got up, opened my mouth and showed the contents to Sergey, and then swallowed.
Then, I collected a drop from my chin with my finger and sent it after the first portion.
In the meantime, we drove up to the cottage.
There were 2 more cars near the entrance, and I knew for sure what a surprise was waiting for me there.

Inside, in the courtyard, there were three men, as I understood, Sergey’s colleagues at work.
They were already pretty drunk, apparently, they had been waiting for us for a long time.
“Seryoga, well, won’t you introduce us?” “Of course, this is Masha, my friend.
– answered Sergey.
And these are my colleagues at work: Andrei, Tolik and Dima.
– He said, turning to me.
“You told us about her?” – Andrew asked.
– Yes, cool nipple, you guys ohrenetete, with one chick I was not so good as with her.
– Well, bitch, do you want to see our members? – It was already Tolik.
I was silent, taken aback by such treatment with myself.
But my dick stood, I never received detente, and lust overshadowed my mind.
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