caught wanking on webcam And I began to “greet”: first I ran my tongue over the head and gently ran through the bridle, then took it in my mouth and began to gently suck.
I really like to do blowjob, so I got carried away.
I came to my senses only when a thick tart jet splashed out into my mouth.
Father-in-law grunted pretty, noticing that all the sperm had gone to me before the drop.

“And you are a regular goat,” he praised me.
– Become a crustacean.
This time I got on all fours and bent up.
– Pretty you goat, only your cunt is painfully stretched after childbirth.
Nothing – it will even help us, you just do not twitch.
Understood bitch? I was ready to fail with shame, but really wanted to defuse, and only often nodded in response.
Oleg Arkadievich sat down next to me on the bed, squeezed his chest, in a businesslike manner he bent my back even more and introduced two fingers into me.
– Yes, goat, there, I see, there is enough space for everyone.
Yes, whore? For persuasiveness the father-in-law immediately pinched my nipple, and I whispered with a groan.
– Yes.
– Louder! – the father-in-law roared.
– Yes! – I do not hear that yes? – his paws squeezed my chest like a vice.

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Tears splashed from my eyes right away – yes, that’s enough for everyone !!! The lapisch unclenched – Here, the goat, and we agreed.
Yes, whore? – Yes! – I cried hurriedly.
Oleg Arkadievich grunted enough, showed me three fingers and immediately introduced them into my bosom.
Poeloziv there a little, he introduced the fourth.
I felt that I was almost completely filled – the long-forgotten sensations began to appear again.
Reddened, I began to feed myself on my father-in-law’s strong fingers.
“So, so, goat,” – quite the father-in-law bassil, squeezing my naked breasts with her free hand.
– And now add you joy.
He began to slowly twist his palm with each movement, until his fingers turned with pads down and my first pain began to appear.
But the pleasant ones became stronger and stronger, and again I began to moan.
“Ah, yes, the goat,” the father-in-law rejoiced, “we will take you to the fist so soon.”
“Well, it’s not today,” he said.
– And from now on, get used to the four, girl, now I will only bend my finger where necessary.

Something happened – and pleasure suddenly fell on me.
As if exploded from the inside – I have never had such an orgasm.
What happened then – I remember badly.
I struggled in orgasm, faded, arched and again shook my orgasm.
It seems there was one or two more – and I, exhausted, lost consciousness.
I woke up in a warm bath, showered, put on a bathrobe and came to the kitchen to her father-in-law.
– Sit down, goat, – drink some coffee, you’re tired, I see.
“Thank you, Oleg Arkadievich,” I muttered.
– What is your Arkadievich? – hopped in-law.
– Thank you, Oleg.
– I hurriedly recovered.
– And I’ll fuck you every morning now, goat.
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