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As she approached her home, the warm virtual sperm flowed down her legs again, the imaginary tongue of Rotor licked her, trying to get the tip of her tongue into her pussy.
As soon as she took her first step to the door of the entrance, her invisible Rotor, in the slightly open sex gap, made a sensual long licking of her pussy from the front to the back of the vagina, forcing Dinu to make a leap into the emptiness of the dark corridor, followed by a shiver.
Her knees suddenly became weak, she had to take the next step with difficulty from the growing orgasm, the cramp continued as she climbed further to the second floor, clutching the handrail of the stairs.

Dina ran across the door of her apartment, the ghost of Rotor pushed her head home and, working her tongue through her pussy, penetrating her with the tip of her tongue. hot sexy live cam

Dina pressed the bell until the door opened her mother, and slowly fell into the hallway, closing the door behind her.
Trembling from the lingering sensation of depraved virtual language and weakness in her knees, she reached the door to her room, fell on the bed.

Immediately all removed and wore a robe.
After a while, she could get up and go take a long hot shower.
A jet of hot water from the shower hose without a nozzle beat on her clitoris and deep inside, finally launched the growth of her main orgasm, it was after him that she came to herself, she put on her robe and went to the kitchen to drink tea with her mother.
After the fateful day, her body ached, or rather, ached.
Initially, from what happened from injuries after a mad run and fall, rape (?), Yes, that’s how she identified herself, and then from the fact that something is not happening anymore, it’s like a love break she did not even admit to herself, and this became her new problem, replacing the already defeated frigidity.
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