myfreewebcam homepage Having licked my head, I got up, Grisha kissed me on the lips, I felt his soft, pliable tongue in my mouth, began to suck on it, my tongue began to penetrate even deeper, a new wave of excitement rolled on me, that there rolled, it washed me ocean of passion, desire, debauchery.
– Well, that washed.
“I told you!” “Let’s do the next, rub it in your back?” We climbed into the bath, I soaped Grishino’s body, separate parts, which I won’t argue, soap myself, carefully, then turned my back to him, put my body under his procedures, again after half an hour we left the bathroom, washed up, smelled and happy.
– What are we going to do? – Let’s see the cinema, order food, let us lie in bed, eat, sleep, watch the movie.

You, what will you do? – I, as always, sushi, and you, whatever you want, Tolya, let’s lie down, put your head on my stomach, I will stroke you, touch you.
– Grish, do you understand what will happen if I do, what are you asking me for?

Can you do it? ”“ Anatole, we need to talk, very seriously! ”“ I didn’t understand what happened? ”“ It’s okay, but.
– But.
native, enough intrigue, I worry !!! – I was offered a job in another city, and to be honest in another country, and if to be absolutely frank, on another continent, in the USA, I will live in California.
The fact is that I developed one program, she was very interested in one of the companies, they offered me to come for an interview, so I did not appear for such a long time.
– Grisha, dear, you say so, as if you are flying to another galaxy, well, USA, well, work, how many are there, twelve hours of flying, there are holidays there, and we have everything in order with holidays.
I earn good money, I can afford to fly to your California a couple of times a month! – Tolya, I’m really glad to hear that we will not part !!! You will not believe! – The main thing is that the suit would sit, and everything else, nonsense dear, let it not sadden my boy, he cannot be upset at all, otherwise he will not stand, then.

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No, dear, we will not part, but I will be very upset, do not turn sour, order food, I need kebab and pita bread, so order wine, three liters, let’s drink, for parting.
That found what to do! It’s good that you told me, firstly, you took the load off your soul, secondly, now you are mine, I will fuck you, and you will fuck me, all the time that is released to us.
I went up to Grisha and gently smacked him on the cheek, he hugged me and I heard: – Thank you dear, for being with me; – Not that dear, everything is for you;
To do this, you need to have free time and free space in the head.
It takes quite a bit.
Age has nothing to do with it, as does experience – or lack thereof.
It is enough just to connect sanity and think.
Artyom guessed a lot about what was happening in the yard among his peers, with whom he spoke.
In addition to joint drunken strollers, something happened that usually for some reason is not noticed.
Everywhere there are nuances, hidden or explicit.

It looked like ordinary little things.
Ignat continued to communicate in the general company, which included all the guys who lived in the same yard.
There were 10 of them.
The whole point was that in any company there were not only strong and weak, but also fuckers with dolbaeb.
If the weak obeyed the strong, then the rest did not.
Pohuista deliberately, but dolbaeby simply out of stupidity could not be subordinate.
They all went awry and wrong.
They could not entrust anything within the company where they communicated.
In a short period of time, in about one year, Artem saw a change.
Ignat made it a rule to wear the same thing as Mikhail, who was Ignat’s best friend.
And this very friend did not think of anything better, how to lower the age by a year and be one year with Ignat.
From the side it looked like a youthful zaeb, but Artem understood everything at once.
So simply nothing happens, and no one goes crazy in one beautiful morning and begins to live someone else’s life.

The company has exceptionally cracked the motley one.
Enough of all – and smart and completely stupid.
Artyom decided to observe the development of events from the outside – it always helped to look at the situation, and analyze its changes without addiction.
But nothing good could come out of what Artyom knew about.
The fusion of power and mind gives a devastating effect.
In the company, this effect was transformed and it produced only meanness, petty and even more nasty.
Artem saw how some guys from the company were subjected to ridicule or physical impact just like that.
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