nude life cam And what? – The doctor looked at the “master”.
– Does she feel anything now? – It is unlikely that too strong drugs.
Maximum, instinctive movements and convulsions.
– Do you understand, doctor, we are transported with her for several days.

So much refrain, I just can not.
– Want to fuck her? – Of course, doctor.
– The owner is a master, only it is necessary so that when she wakes up, she does not suspect anything.
And, cum, better in the pussy.
– Thank you Doctor.
Goodbye, doctor.
– The doctor left the room.
Approaching the bed, the man turned his mother on his stomach.
He pulled his shirt up to his waist, he took off her panties.
Taking a tube of cream from the table, he smeared the anus of an elderly woman.
– Habit, do not forget, bitch.
– Enough, he said.
After removing the panties, the man lay down on his mother’s insensible body and inserted his excited cock between her full buttocks.

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Chapter 18
“Strangle me, Master!” A year has passed since the day when the Master first raped and whipped his mother.
During this time, much has changed, an elderly woman has become a more or less obedient slave of her son, and after several sessions of lobotomy and hypnosis, she no longer thought about suicide or escape, now love and obedience to the HOST has become the meaning of her life.
A man allowed his mother to wear clothes sometimes, at home, underpants and go to the store.
The owner even allowed the slave to watch TV.
And yet, he wanted something more, of which he himself did not know the answer to this question, but for now, he decided to turn his old mother into an embarrassment.
The woman was sitting on the couch and was preparing to watch a movie when the door to the Boss’s room opened.

The executioner stood in the doorway, and looked at his victim, twisting, between his fingers, a short tube, at one end of which was a small hook, and at the other, a metal tip, in the shape of an elongated ball.
The man was wearing a leather half mask and leather panties.
The old woman, fussily, took off her glasses and put them on the coffee table, and then lay back on the sofa, putting her hands in leather bracelets along her body, and obediently lowered her eyes.
Sadist, with pleasure, watched the effect that produced his appearance.
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