indian couple hidden cam sex What are you doing? What do you want? – at each word she knocked on the panel of the car with a small cam.
He paused, picking up the words.
– Because you love me, this is the answer to the first question.
This is called passion, here is the answer to the second question.

Nothing, just follow the flow.
“This is the answer to the third question,” she mocked him.
“You’re so calm, measured.”
Do you understand what happened today? – A little adventure, no more.
And note that I am also losing my head with you, even more than you! This has never happened to me either! – True? – Irina looked gratefully at him.
“True, the most truthful truth,” he remembered their childhood oath.
At home, Irina, saying that he had exhausted her completely, kissed her brother and went to bed.
Sergey, on the contrary, did not want to sleep.
He turned on the telly.
Found some movie.
Soon he was joined by a niece.
– ABOUT! Can? I also like this movie! – for some time they exchanged words, saying that it would be now, or another cool moment.

“Women are strange creatures.
They do not understand.
They seemed to switch.
Now an ordinary girl was sitting next to him, and nothing in her resembled that submissive toy she was two hours ago.
The same – Irina.
Before going to bed, she gave her daughter about ten minutes of instructions on what to do tomorrow at home.
And, literally half an hour ago, she sobbed lustfully, accepting him “- Sergey reflected.
“I want to ask,” the niece interrupted him, “did you seriously say about your house?” What can we live here? Well, in a sense, are you sorry? – Of course not. russian webcam old vids
It’s all serious.
Why? – You know, you have a good.
Mother has completely changed.
She stopped twitching, younger.
Even the walk became different.
Now she flies! And I like it here.
Only new school.
How will it be there? But it will not be soon.
And so.
Yeah, really not soon, just six weeks.
Happy age! – And so? – Comfortable with you.
I remember that communal, already distorts.

And here everything is different! Good! “Of course, good,” thought Sergey.
– “There, in the classroom, you were teased by a small fry, Irina told him.
And now you felt welcome.
“- No, I’m fine with you too, over the last few days I have forgotten what cooking is, ironing.
So that I still have to, ”he joked.
At night, Sergey finished a letter to Lena.
Came up with her assignment: One day, do not wear panties at home.
Wear a skirt.
If you need to sit down, then lift up the skirt and sit only bare ass.
Calculate how many times forgot to raise the skirt, or did not immediately.
Viewed photos.
On the one that Irina did in the kitchen, he sat with a stunned face.
It was from what! Facing him, stood a half-naked girl! Laughing at himself, he returned to the letter.
Lena in a few words described how mum and uncle made her bare in the kitchen even more.
She barely resisted, so as not to end right in front of them, fortunately, they immediately, after dinner, went shopping, and she immediately in the kitchen caressed herself, to the point of exhaustion.

Twice as she wrote.
She wondered if she had changed the Master by letting the “fix” swimsuit.
She also described the punishment in the hall, noting that it was painful to kneel, and she was very afraid that someone would go in, even though mom agreed with her uncle.
Sergey answered his toy that he had nothing to worry about.
He wanted her half naked to serve at the table, she did it.
She carried out his order, was obedient, and by her behavior gave him pleasure.
“Improved” swimsuit, only increased his pleasure.
He added that he was waiting for a report on the task with a skirt.
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