kbj asian webcam Having carefully treated the anus and arm with a pleasantly smelling cream, I again stood in the same position.
Now, after a little effort, I shoved my fist in my ass.
Behind him came a delighted exclamation.
Looking between my legs, I saw Olya, not taking her eyes off my butt, and tugging at her clit.

I began to fuck myself, faster and faster, but to finish, I really did not have enough of the tongue of my girlfriend.
Having slightly moved back, I stood over Olgin’s face.
She immediately understood everything, and soon I felt her hot tongue in my clitoris.
Orgasm was not long in coming.
When Olya’s mother came home from work, I was already dressing in the hallway.
She turned out to be very similar to Aunt Tonya – also a blonde with an outstanding bust, only her ass was more careful.
Olya was very similar to her.
Vowing that next time I would definitely stay with them for dinner, I flew home.

I was able to get back to Olya’s home only a week later, since my father left for a business trip, and my mother was waiting for me at home.
So I spent all those evenings with my mother and her friends, working tirelessly with my hands, tongue and both holes.
As soon as we were at Olya’s house, I immediately reminded her that she promised me to try with Jack.
When we completely undressed, Olya led the Great Dane to the room.
At first she gave him a sniff of hers, and then of my pussy, then began to caress him between her hind legs with her hand.
Jack was aroused, and a huge red member with a sharp head appeared before my eyes.
In diameter, it was even larger than that of my dad, and reached a length of 30 centimeters! “Caress his tongue,” Olya told me, “he really likes.”
I crawled under the dog and took his dick in her mouth. teen orgasm webcam porn
The taste was peculiar, but not disgusting.
Olga lay on the bed, spread her legs and pulled the dog’s face to her pussy.

I sucked Jack and he licked at my girlfriend.
– Everything, he is ready! – said Olga, getting out of bed.
“Become cancer by the bed, and I will help him get into you.”
I spread my legs wide and put my hands on the bed.
Jack instantly jumped up from above, his cock penetrated deep into me, and then he began to move at a crazy pace.
Kaif was incredible! After some time, he drove his cock into my pussy to its full length and froze.
Then I felt how the walls of the vagina at the entrance was bursting with something huge, and a dog’s sperm was beating me with a hot stream.
It hurt just a little bit, as if you had a bottle stuck in you, but it was a hot dick, and so I got a huge ecstasy! – Well, like it? – asked Olya, when I got out from under Jack.
– Yes, it is super! And now he will fuck you! – I caught my breath.
– No, he can only once a day, and even then not always.
– It turns out that I took the high from you.
– I was upset.
– Yes, do not worry you so.

I’m still making up, because I have it always at hand.
You better help me design the holes to be like yours.
– Of course, Olga.
I will do anything for you! Now our meetings at Olya’s apartment have become a school for the development of our openings.
At first, Olya’s ass could take only three of my fingers.
The vagina was simpler — it was designed by Jack; it quickly began taking my hand inside, and then the cam.
Olya, always with pleasure, wielded cams in my holes.
I especially liked when she thrust her fists at the same time in her pussy and ass.
When they moved in me, separated only by a thin partition, I received the most powerful orgasms one by one! For the best development of Olga’s ass, I decided to use various objects, since I didn’t dare to dildo my mother’s dildos, and so often fell for me because I was late after school.
To start, I used a toothbrush case, then came the turn of a massage comb with a thick handle.

Every day it was easier for me to get into Olya’s anus.
Sometime after the lessons, we went to the vegetable shop (Olya needed to buy something home), and I caught sight of long greenhouse cucumbers.
I vividly presented Olya with a cucumber in the ass, and my panties instantly moistened.
We came home to Ole with a bag full of vegetables, from which a huge long cucumber protruded.
Having thoroughly washed out our “handsome” one, we decided to immediately put it to work.
Having caressed each other with a tongue in position 69, we proceeded to the main actions.
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