bar harbor webcam So I got a boyfriend.
Life was getting better.
It remained only to find a job.
My wife Lena and I have been married for five years.

We have no children, since we married students, and we did not have a permanent place of residence.
We interrupted, then in a hostel, then friends at the cottage.
Sex life was diversified as two young and healthy bodies could.
Everything that happened happened after Lena’s grandmother died and left her a private house, consisting of four rooms, in her inheritance.
In her childhood and youth, Lena often stayed with her grandmother, and knew this house well.
After completing all the formalities, we moved to our new housing.
Got a job in your area.
Lena worked in one of the large banks and now transferred to one of the branches, which was located nearby.
I continued to work in my former firm.
We were engaged, as they say now “to all.”
I had periodic earnings, but there was plenty of time.

We made repairs in the house, and since there were many rooms and few of us, we invented our own room for each room.
So we had a living room, a bedroom and one room for each.
At the same time, we agreed that each of them sets up his own room in his own way.
I put in my room a TV, a computer, a sofa and a large enough wardrobe.
Lena arranged her room in a typically feminine style – mirrors, a make-up table, various pictures, a table for women’s magazines, a soft ottoman, and a small wardrobe.
The living room and the bedroom were fully appropriate for their purpose.
In the bathroom we hung two shelves – one for Lena, the other for me.
On Lenin’s shelf there were a lot of jars, tubes and other women’s bells and whistles.
On my shelf were shaving accessories and a toothbrush with toothpaste, the rest of the place was empty. bar harbor webcam
So we lived about six months.
Lena worked every day, and at most I was at home.

I began to recover from a sedentary lifestyle.
I have never been a sports guy.
Always been chubby.
At school, the boys loved to pinch my breasts, because I had always looked like a girl.
And then, from doing nothing, they began to pour from me.
Lena laughs and says that at least you should do some sports, but soon she will have to wear a bra, and she began to stroke my chest jokingly.
From this affection my breasts became elastic, the nipples rose like a girl.
I blushed a little.
And she carefully looked at me, smiled and said that if I do not take care of myself, she will take care of me.
But I was completely spilled and continued to enjoy doing nothing.
And Lena every day when she came home, she loved to stroke me on the chest and began to knead her more and more often, smiling at the same time and saying “soon you will have to wear bras and tops instead of t-shirts”.
I laughed at this game, but I liked it, and I did not stop it.

Once in the summer, during a general cleaning, Lena complained that she had accumulated a lot of her clothes, which she no longer wears and she no longer fits in the closet, but it’s a pity to throw them away.
And she asked me to give her a little space in my closet.
I took it as an encroachment on my territory.
But she looked at me so compassionately that my heart could not stand it, and I agreed.
Sighing happily, she rushed to collect the things that she was going to move to me.
When I saw this mountain of lingerie, I felt uneasy, and I already regretted my pliability.
However, it was too late to retreat.
That there just was not and skirts, and blouses, and blouses, and dresses, and tights, and panties, and bras and many other female trifles.
– Here – Lena said – this is all for now.
I looked at this whole wardrobe, and I thought where to put all this.
However, nothing to do opened the closet and began to shift their belongings, freeing up space for Lena’s things.

It took a lot of time, and Lena went to the kitchen to cook dinner.
I began to put her things in the closet.
However, when I touched them, something moved in me.
I remembered how several times in my childhood I tried on mother’s dresses and bras.
When I picked up Lena’s bra, I just had no space left in my pants, so I was excited by the desire to try it all on.
However, I gently laid out all this on the shelves.
Some things I applied to me.
And since it was summer, and I was in some swimming trunks, the body pleasantly caressed the tenderness of her things.
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