keyto bongacams I hit Igor on bare shoulders, struck with all my strength.
He flinched, but said nothing.
The red stripe on the body of a once beloved man sobered me up a bit.
After dinner, all punish! You understood me? It was convenient to lift the slave’s chin with the handle of the whip.

The look of a knee of a bowed man – it turns out to be so exciting, and I suffered.
For the fact that the slaves are not bowed low enough in front of me, everyone will receive ten lashes.
And since you are my personal slave, you and answer – 15 strokes.
Besides, today this slave will be with me.
– And I pointed to Hans.
Paying no attention to anyone, I intuitively went to the side of the stairs, guessing my rooms on the second floor.
Hans silently followed me.
When I found myself in a large room, the entrance to which was framed by heavy curtains, I noticed a door there.
Next to her, what I took to be an antique statue because of the bronze color of my skin turned out to be the figure of a man.
Probably boring job all day to stand on the guard door.
I liked the boy (in this world, I liked almost all the men on the way, an alarming symptom), that Emma had good taste.
There was no power to look at the new housing, I rushed into the first available chair, and the slave began to take off my shoes.

keyto bongacams
He was shocked by the fact that, having rattled me, he kissed the socks in turn, and then the sneakers.
And I did not notice any grimaces on his face.
Emotions overwhelmed me, and I sharply rose, the slave did not have time to move away and was too close.
I took and ran my hand through his hair, and time stopped.
You could be gentle, or grab stronger – and most importantly – do not hold back.
Never in my life have I hurt anyone.
If you dig into my past, then you can frankly say, even to yourself, such a desire was suppressed by cultivating social convictions in yourself.
What do you hurt someone immoral and blasphemous, that it is a sin, that.
and so a thousand reasons.
And not one in defense.
And everything is so simple – you do not need to suppress anything, you just need to find the person for whom accepting pain is just as desirable as for me to give it.
Hans was on his knees and just looked at me and put up with it.
Full humility and dissolution in my desire – that is what I read in his eyes.
For this, I experienced an extraordinary tenderness for him.
My dear boy! The bathroom also struck me – I saw the same in Greece – a small pool with steps.
Dropping all the clothes on the floor (the slave could barely catch it) and went downstairs – the water turned out to be moderately hot.

Help me! – I ordered Hans.
“And why are you still dressed?” Quickly undress and come to me, slave! The slave tried very hard, he was in a hurry to carry out my order, although there was no need for this – I was in no hurry to go now – the water had contributed to relaxation.
But I really wanted to think of something to make him nervous and see what happens.
Finally he went into the water.
Until now, I somehow did not have to take a bath so that someone washed me.
It’s like I’m a child, and he is not a man at all.
There was no lust in his touch, and it was a major shock.
keyto bongacams