free webcam boys The doctor raised a slightly surprised look at Jenny.
So you are his aunt? – She asked.
And I thought that the elder sister – the nurse smiled.
Sorry, you can’t pull a mom at all, ”grinned the doctor,“ By the way, where is she? ” At the moment, on a business trip, ”said Jenny,“ Tommy left me for a month.

It is clear, – the doctor said, – And for what reason did you bring your nephew to us? I want you to see him, ”my aunt replied.
Just to inspect? – the doctor asked, – Usually, children from another state just do not drive to the doctors.
Of course, she didn’t just like that, – Jenny grinned.
Well, Tommy, – the doctor appealed to me, – Tell me what’s bothering you.
Yeah, he will tell you so, – Jenny smiled, – The diaper recently dressed him.
Wait, – the doctor interrupted my aunt, – Does he wear diapers at eight? Uh-huh, – Jenny nodded and slightly lowered my pants, showed my diaper to the doctor with the nurse.
One more baby in the diaper was brought, ”the nurse joked, barely suppressing laughter.

And do not say – smiled doctor.
“So, Tommy wore a diaper and drew attention to his pisyunchik,” Jenny continued, “Not only is it tiny, but also with a tight trunk at the end, like a chest.
I tried to open it – no way.
I consulted with one mother – she has a boy too – and she said that he has this one, like him.
Phimosis? – the doctor suggested with a smile.
Aha, he himself, – Jenny nodded.
Phimosis is not fatal, – the doctor grinned, – Disorder of course, especially from the point of view.
hygiene, but do not immediately run to the doctor. nude cleaning mature women in webcam
And do not worry about the proboscis.
He does not interfere with the child to walk in a small way.
We have nowhere better for small things, ”Jenny grinned.“ The bed is wet every morning. ”
Bed-wetting? – frowned doctor.
Not only night, – smiled Jenny, – And not only urine.
So today crap one’s pants in a children’s store.
Ay-yay-yay, – the doctor shook her head, – How did it get him? I got up and in front of everyone put a bunch on my pants, ”said Jenny,“ And how did he get on the spot!

” Listening to Jenny telling the doctor and nurse about the recent incident in the store, I wanted to fall into the ground with shame.
“I had to mess around with him right there,” Jenny continued, “It’s good that there are special family toilets in children’s stores.
And of course, thanks to one of the moms for volunteering to help me.
One thing I probably did not cope with an eight year old boy.
Poor! – the nurse sighed, – Not to mention his mother.
She warned me about the night writing, – Jenny grinned, – But I was obviously not ready for dirty pants.
“She herself set up my confusion in the children’s store,” I thought with displeasure, “To make me blush for dirty pants.”
It was terribly sad that Jenny slandered me.
But judging by the faces of the doctor with the nurse, they absolutely believed my tormentor.
Yeah, I was lucky with my nephew, ”Jenny grinned.“ Worse than two years old. ”
Well, you, – the doctor tried to calm my aunt, – Such problems are not uncommon in children even at the age of eight.

Especially in boys.
Correctly made that decided to take him to the doctor, – the nurse added.
With these cases, you need to go to a specialist, and not to an ordinary pediatrician, – the doctor said, – The maximum that I can do is to write out the direction to the necessary doctor for your boy – of course, after a full check-up, since this is the first time we have a child.
So why am I bringing Tommy to you? ”Jenny smiled.“ So that you can see him properly. ”
Well, – the doctor agreed, – Just first check if it covers his insurance.
The doctor started flipping through the forms again.
This insurance plan is very good, ”she told Jenny in half a minute with a contented smile.“ She covers everything.
Even the usual 10-15 dollars do not have to pay extra.
Cool, – smiled my aunt.
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