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Suddenly the girl arched, and with a cry fell down on the sofa.
Vanya continued to stimulate her bump.
The girl with the words “no, no, no longer needed,” tried to remove his hand, but then she began to take the second run and she groaned again, squeezing the vanilla in her thighs and falling on the guy’s pressure on the sofa.

The pleasure completely possessed her, and in the end she found herself lying on the sofa under the strong body of the guy.
Vanya understood that if he wants to fuck her, he must do it right now.
With his knee, he parted her legs and found himself comfortably lying on it.
His pin rested on her stomach.
He moved lower and a member slid on a wet slit.

Vanya took his hand and sent in the right direction.
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Hot, wet velvet walls of the vagina, tightly squeezed his trunk, and this feeling drove him crazy.
Little by little the female screech subsided, turning into the groans of pain with each jerk of the penis, but soon passionate notes began to appear in these moans.

The girl hugged the guy by the shoulders, hugging him to her, and spreading her legs even wider, she began to make oncoming movements with her pelvis.
He lay down on her and began to drive the dick, pressing into her body and ivy her tits.
In this case, the member began to enter even deeper, and with every push the head rammed the entrance to the uterus.
With each such blow, the girl’s eyes widened, meeting the guy’s gaze that expressed animal lust.
Cunt ached a little, but this pain receded before the growing excitement from the movement in it of a solid hot rod, making its way into its insides, and seemed to reach the heart.
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