webcam central not working However, in fact, she was cunning.
Instead of feeling a sense of shame and blushing, as befits a decent girl, she felt very good inside and she thought “there is nothing cooler than pee after an orgasm.”
Just now I remembered that the stranger had been waiting for her already on the bench.
Instead of going back to him, she went the other way.

went out on the path and went back to the cafe.
One philosopher two centuries ago argued that each of us is doomed to rotate endlessly on the wheel of desires.
first we want, then we satisfy our desire, for some time we feel satisfaction, which very quickly turns into boredom, and that, in turn, again gives way to the following “I want” – and so on without end.
Having satisfied one need after another, now she felt a third — she wanted to drink.
Alcohol gradually disappeared from the blood, and his mouth became dry.
She went to the bar, bought mineral water from the refrigerator, unscrewed the plastic lid and emptied the contents of the plastic bottle with a volley.

To quench their thirst, footage of recent events flashed through her mind.
turn in the bio-toilet, path, sex on the bench with a stranger, relief in front of young people: “Wow, went to the toilet,” she smiled to herself.
And again she was not ashamed.
In this city, she was the first, and most likely the last time.
Nobody knew her here, so you could do anything you want without fear for your reputation.
Cool water refreshed, the effect of alcohol retreated, and the girl felt a new surge of strength, vitality and energy.
The wheel of desire began to spin again – and now she wanted one.
dance! As a diver, she dived into the middle of the dance floor and her body completely surrendered to the rhythms of disco music. webcam central not working
She splashed out an excess of inexhaustible energy, dissolving into dances.
Such a return from her side, coupled with an attractive appearance, besides wearing a chiffon blouse with a short skirt, could not go unnoticed – hundreds of enthusiastic men rushed at her, and a handful of envious and condemning women’s eyes.

She did not notice anyone around, continuing to famously twist her hips.
The short skirt at times opened up what was under it, and this magic attracted the eyes of guys like a magnet.
Soon, around her famously, but ridiculously and absurdly, the male part jumped, resembling a dancing oraguntang from the side.
Some of them held out a bottle for her.
The girl, without slowing down the pace, snatched the bottle from the young man with an alcoholic drink, threw back her head, inserted the neck into her mouth and in a few sips blew out the contents.
A few minutes later the blood began to seethe again, and the alcohol struck her again.
The dense ring of absurdly dancing men crowded tightly around the girl and someone, it seems, under the sly began to stroke her over the pope.
The girl did not move away – on the contrary, she nestled closer to the one who was standing behind her, but she did not turn around.
The hands of the stranger have already climbed under a short skirt, and got to the rope.

Between the legs nicely warmed up.
Playful fingers slipped on a wet string, and then made their way inside.
Somewhere in the depths of the body, the fire ignited again.
She wanted to continue.
She almost did not dance, closed her eyes and could not see what was happening from the side.
that it is in the middle of a crowded dance floor, and behind it someone is doing socially unacceptable things.
How long it lasted is hard to say.
Consciousness of the girl was recorded clearly only one moment.
lyrical music began to play, she turned to the stranger’s face, but did not look at him, but hung on her neck, allowing him to circle, performing a slow dance.
The stranger still continued to dig under her skirt.
This continued until the moment when she again felt that the mineral water with beer had an effect on the kidneys.
– I have to go to the toilet! – Without looking at him, she said, pulled away, and, making her way through the crowd, rushed to the bio-toilet.

webcam central not working