two young girls on webcam Sometimes I thought that she had found someone else for herself, and was surprised to notice that it didn’t bother me as much as before.
I also went to the kitchen.
For some reason, there was a rubber bag with a tube on the table – a rather large enema, apparently recently purchased.
Marina, meanwhile, made coffee and already got ice cream.

Okay, the movie is not over yet, and you can add energy to yourself.

Fuck, today we still fuck.
– What is this – your new enema? – I asked, not hiding curiosity.
– Do you put it on your own? “No,” said Marina.
– I’ll take it to work tomorrow.
Do you even know what this is done for? Marina works in the hospital, and at home she often could see every medical detail.
– Of course.
This thing is squirting water into your ass, ”I said, too, straightforwardly. two young girls on webcam
“Yes, and such a thing is very relaxing,” she said, not quite unequivocally, handing me coffee and a scoop of ice cream.
“I’m sure nobody put it to you.”
By the way, this thing is useful and, they say, pleasant.
Only few people can stand it, moreover, three times in a row, for good cleaning.

I think you would howl from the first time.
With surprise, I heard a scornful note in her voice.
I wanted to think that her tone was deliberate.
“I really don’t know how to do it,” I replied, walking along with Marina to the room, “I only heard jokes from people about this.
Why would I howl? – Because.
You men are impatient and do not understand anything.
The film began again, but I didn’t watch well on what was happening on the screen.
Marina seems to have focused on ice cream.
Looks like she doesn’t want to fuck today.
It’s a shame.
– Do you understand everything? You only put your own patients, but you would never check whether you like it or not.
Marina is a gambling girl, and my words touched her too.
– Do you want to argue? – Why not?
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