free gay men webcams Helen’s belly looked like she was pregnant for 7 months, but her mother’s belly was flat.
“Anna,” said Mom, “there is a carafe of water in the corner.
You will give Karina water when she asks.
The spell will require a lot of fluid.

The witch went to the head of the couch and filled the bowl next to it.

Mom, along with Elena, began to recite the spell, accompanying him with synchronous passes.
Anna watched as nothing happened for about half an hour, and then Karina’s stomach began to glow a little.
The witch sat down and saw how he began to grow slowly, increasing in volume.
A minute later, her stomach looked already like a pregnant woman at 5 months.
“Drink,” the older sister asked quietly.
The witch immediately raised a cup to her lips, which she drank in two sips. webcam machine porn
Having filled the vessel again, Anna began to watch her elder sister’s belly grow.
It took about five minutes from the beginning of the growth phase, and the size of the roundness reached 8 months of pregnancy.
Karina again asked for a drink and drank the rest of the water from the decanter.

Anna sighed and went to the kitchen to fill the vessel.
Going down to the kitchen, Anna went to the table and began to pour water into the decanter, feeling something was wrong, the witch could not understand the reason.
Finally, she finished and only moving back realized that what was wrong was passing by a mirror on the stairs.
– What the.
– Anna lifted her nightie and gasped.
Instead of a flat, flat press, the little witch grew slightly again and her belly rounded, reaching the size of 4 months, but this was not the worst thing.
More terrible was the fact that its member also increased almost twice in length and one and a half times in diameter.
Now the witch would not have dared to insert it into himself, since the tip of the head didn’t touch the bottom of her chest.
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