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– Hmm, basically I can.
– Igor answered stopping.
He sat back down on the sofa, catching his breath and giving me the opportunity to enjoy his body again.

“But, knowing what a cop profile you are, I want to see how my slave handles it.”
– Do not you use it as a toilet? – Inna was surprised.
– While only drinking.
– He answered.
– Hmm, well, let’s fix it! Slave, are you ready for lunch? – Oh yes, my lady! I look forward to serving you! – I replied with a sincere desire in my voice.
I could not even imagine that after such a short time Igor would pass me on to someone else, even for a while.
And as soon as I heard about the scat, I almost finished.
This is real humiliation.
A few minutes later I was bound hand and foot.
My hosts decided not to risk and try out their live toilet in the appropriate room.
Inna is located above my face and said: – Well, what a bitch, I want to see if it’s true what Igor told me.

Are you capable of anything? I just mumbled in response – in my state I could move only my tongue.
Igor decided to leave us alone and went to the kitchen.
So I remained in full possession of the Mistress.
I stroked Inna’s tongue with the tip of the tongue when I felt that it was opening.
After a second, my tongue was touching something soft and warm, and my nose caught a heavy smell.
Inna stiffened and a huge chunk of her discharge came into my mouth.
I bit a part and tried to swallow.
Unaccustomed to it I managed, albeit with difficulty.
I suppressed vomiting, continuing to swallow.
As soon as the first part was finished, I did not have time to take a breath, as my mouth was filled with a new portion, this time softer.
It was harder to swallow, but I managed, albeit not immediately. helga lovekaty webcam porn
– Incredible! You are a real find! – Inna said while I licked and cleaned her anus.
– Be sure – the Mrs.

said quietly – I will persuade Igor to give you myself forever.
And then you will have so much shit for your mouth that you will not need any other food.
In response, I just groaned, anticipating their torment.
Two years later I returned home.
I am already 18 I have become so adult.
It is a pity that nothing will not return.
And I liked my life.
And if I came back, I would not want to change it.
I have never had serious mistakes.
Brunette with black eyes, beautiful body, kind, cheerful is always ready to help, an excellent pupil.
Faithful friends.
My mom and dad are great – what could be better than that.
My friends always told me that such a beautiful girl like me needs a good guy.
But I never needed him.
What for? Afraid to lose it? Obey him? Afraid that he will leave you or change you? No, I did not need these problems.
And anyway, honestly, I never fell in love with anyone.
What is love for a guy?

I never knew this and had no problems until the moment I met HIM.
Although what I say this.
He has never been a problem.
It was my paradise.
I love him still, whatever he was.
He is everything to me.
My life and my death.
So, friends introduced us after I returned.
Beautiful brunette with green eyes.
Oh, in the soul is a real prince! And his manners are noble, knightly.
I am not indifferent to this handsome, elegantly dressed perfectly trained, well-mannered.
Magnificent hair, costumes for the latest fashion! Young age, immense courage, passion for danger, craving for thrill.
I admire his inner world, intellect.
Here is what I saw in this guy’s eyes.
Meet Lera, this is God Bogdan, and this is Lyrka, our childhood friend, said so cheerfully and cheerfully as always my best friend among all the guys with whom I know Dima (I always called him Dimka) Hi, first said Bogdan.

Oh, his voice was driving me crazy.
Hi, hesitantly, I answered and greeted him by the hand.
You lived here before, right? Yes, I was leaving for two years, and now I am back again.
and you? We were already sitting with him in a cafe.
He drank coffee, and I had a cocktail with ice cream (he was 20).
I was so glad when he invited me.
I recently moved here.
and now I will live here, but probably not for long.
We’ll see.
To be honest, at that moment I was so upset about it.
I didn’t want to lose him.
But what is the matter with me? Am I really in love or maybe this is just a fleeting passion?
iamdeedee s bio and free webcam