sweet teen webcam girls forum Where does it hurt? Lord, you have blood! Immediately call a doctor! A short, plump woman emerged from the doorway, the same one who noticed us from the balcony.
She carefully looked at Marina, deftly wiped the remnants of dried blood under her nose, made sure that the girl was fine and only then announced: – Sergey, don’t fuss, escort the guest to the apartment.
We will not make scenes in front of our neighbors.
– Guest? – the man gave me a hostile look.

– Well, let’s go talk.
a guest.
I obediently followed him.
And Marina under the elbow took a woman, she stroked the girl on the head and soothingly whispered.
Marina ardently argued and explained something to her.
It must be admitted that the woman listened to her very carefully.
I swallowed nervously, imagining what frivolous Marina might say.
Under the watchful control, they led me to a modest three-room apartment and put me in a reclining chair in a large room.
While Sergei Mikhailovich and Maria Nikolaevna were whispering with Marina, I looked around a bit.

Poor but very neat setting.
Immediately struck the bookcase – a lot of the classics in the expensive, slightly worn covers, it is clear that the books are constantly being read.
From modern technology only a large flat TV, opposite the sofa.
Immediately clear that bought for the whole family.
In the nightstand behind the glass doors, I saw a solid collection of videotapes, mostly in French.
Although several popular films flashed: People in black, Jurassic Park.
The era of VCRs is long gone, but there was no dust on the cassettes, they were set neatly.
So they cherish.
The cozy room said a lot about the owners, I relaxed a little.
Gangsters, brawlers and other bastards, in my view, live differently.
While they didn’t pay attention to me, I decided to look at the photos placed on a special shelf.
On several black and white photographs were depicted the owners of the apartment in his youth, and the rest. hidden camera milf porn
I immediately recognized Marina, she stood between a man and a woman, apparently, it was her lost parents.

There were pictures where Marina posed in front of the sea, the Kremlin wall and animals at the zoo.
On the back was an unpleasant chill.
After all, this is her house.
Here she lived, then her close people.
How can I explain to them that I want to take her? Yes, and in general.
Would she like to leave? I see how she was met.
For her worried.
completely sincere.
She herself feels at home here.
This is evident in her behavior.
She is at home.
It became very depressing when he imagined how I was leaving alone.
I eat one in the car, I drink one before bed, I sleep and wake up alone.
Sergey Mikhailovich and his wife, finally, were convinced that Marina was in perfect order.
They just did not sniff the girl.
, and maybe sniffed.
Now all three of them sat on the couch and looked at me.
The owner of the apartment with frank hostility, Marina with a timid smile, and Maria Nikolaevna in deep thought.
I really didn’t want to speak first, but silence was overwhelming.

“I think we need to explain everything,” I began.
– You explain! – Sergey Mikhailovich boiled.
– Explain how the girl disappeared for a few days! Explain how it happened that all her friends did not know where she is! Explain how you dared to beat the kids when they came for Marinochka! – What kind of kids? – I was amazed.
– Oleg and Vladik! Will you deny the gangster? We have witnesses! – E.
The girl who was with them? – I guessed.
– Yes! Ira saw everything and is ready to confirm with the police! – Yes, your “kids” I almost beat up myself! And, by the way, when the police appeared for some reason they gave a tear! – Lies! – the man did not believe me.
– They told us everything honestly! How they went to the cafe, how Marina became ill, and she fell asleep after drinking a pill.
And then, you, thug, kidnapped her! Thought money to ask or something even worse than planned? But it did not work out! I was scared or seized, I don’t know, but I decided to return the girl.

But you won’t get away with it! So know! – Maybe you will listen to my version of events? – I asked sourly.
It was very unpleasant to make excuses.
– We will listen, we will listen! – Sergey Mikhailovich listened to something.
– Now, wait – we will listen.
I just shrugged in bewilderment.
Everything became clear when the doorbell rang.
The people were added, two people entered the room – an athletic folded blond boy, seemingly my age, and a policeman.
The first one immediately rushed to embrace Marina, which caused me a slight irritation.
However, the girl did not support his enthusiasm and immediately pulled away.
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